Trust is the most important factor when choosing a contractor, and we value the trust clients place in us. RowCon is committed to building trust the old-fashioned way—by earning it. Every day, year after year, on every job. We empower our employees to conduct business honestly and ethically, ensuring that our clients receive the best we have to offer.



As a People First company guided by a commitment to care, safety is a shared value at RowCon. We hold it as an imperative above all other objectives, because a safe workplace and workforce is the only acceptable way to do business – and the only way to take care of the community, the people, and the environment.



RowCon was founded on determination, a strong work ethic, and pride in jobs done well. We take on challenging projects in extreme environments while producing the highest quality of work, and that quality is never a coincidence, but the result of smart planning and attention to detail.



We innovate processes, streamline procedures, and engineer solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, quality, and value for our clients. And we never give up. We’re continually striving to provide best-in-class service. Additionally, we have access to a vast array of tools and equipment to get any job done. Our clients receive the benefit of our pioneering spirit, and our roll-up-our-sleeves, “can do” attitude.